About Us

Quantum BioPhysics, Inc. is a leader in innovative Anion, Scalar, and Zero Point energy product development. Quantum BioPhysics, Inc. focuses on quality, safety, reliability, innovation, convenience and environmentally sound products and technologies that deliver a positive experience to the biofield. Its founder began using and marketing these types of products in 1994 after reading about “Chi” healing. In 1999 he purchased his first wand which is today the basis for the AMWand. His business advanced along with his knowledge of alterntive health products. He incorporated Quantum BioPhysics, Inc. in 2010 with a group of biofield and health enthusiasts who were not satisfied with the quality and reliability of products available. Today his passion along with the passion of the QBP team remains the same - “To deliver reliable, innovative, quality products to our loyal customers!” Watch for more new innovative product introductions in the near future!