QBP Scalar Energy (S.E.) Pendant up to 4500 Neg Ion

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Our body suffers from various types of ailments due to the regular intake of unhealthy / junk foods, the lack of regular body exercises, air pollution and EMF Radiation around us. As such, over the years, our bodies have accumulated too many hidden toxins, harmful fats and chemicals that have clogged our capillary vessels. No matter what the ailments/pains are, they are directly connected with internal disorders of our body. Blood circulation, especially the condition of the micro-circulatory system, directly affects the health condition of our bodies. This is in line with the traditional Chinese medical principle that "If it is unblocked, then it is not painful; and if it is painful, then it must be blocked". So, when you are wearing the pendant and you feel your body or shoulder joints are in pain, It means the pendant is working on your body. The pendant is trying push away your body toxins which are clogging your blood stream and capillary vessels. (We may say it as body healing / metabolism processing). But , if your body pain is persistent for more than 2 - 3 weeks or even a month after wearing the therapy pendants, please consult your doctors immediately for further medical check-up. These may be a sign of some hidden ailments in your body which you did not know about.

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