Water Sticks - Alkaline Hydrogen aka Diet Water Ion Stick

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Product Features: - Size - 5.75" L x .7" Dia .. Weight - 2.2 Ounces - Material - Body is 304 Stainless Steel - Comes in plastic carrying case - easy to carry and store - Stick lasts about one year with 2 glasses a day - All Natural Contents - Instructions included How to use your Hydrogen Water Stick - Place the stick in a container (up to 16 oz or 2 sticks for a quart); Shake the bottle vigorously for 30 seconds; Let the bottle sit for 15-20 minutes; Alkalinity (up to 9.5) and ORP are improved the longer you let the stick sit in the bottle. The achievable pH and OPR levels are dependant on source water. It is best to use source water in the 7.5 pH range. The Stick supplies active hydrogen ions that help eliminate active oxygen (free radicals). It is has all natural contents - Maifanshi Stone found in valley streams, Tourmaline Stone, Far-Infrared Stone, Nano-Silver Powder and Calcium Ion Stone.

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